Spiritual Direction

My journey as a spiritual director began in 1989 when I left a career in software engineering and took a sabbatical course in Apostolic Spirituality at St Beuno's in North Wales, a course which included a 30-day silent retreat and workshops in spirituality, spiritual direction and social justice. I joined the Ignatian Spirituality Course in 1990, completing the 2nd and final years. Since that time I have had an increasing practice offering spiritual direction to individuals and groups.

Teaching, Training & Group Facilitation

I have been involved in teaching, training and group facilitation since I left full-time education. I gained a P.G.C.E. at Birmingham University and I taught Chemistry and General Science for 3 years. I was invited to join the Ignatian Spirituality Course as a trainer in 1995. I work there as a trainer, group facilitator, supervisor. I am the leader of the 3rd year. I run courses for NHS professionals on spiritual awareness.

Web design

I have used and had fun with computers since university days. I worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst before exploring spirituality and spiritual direction. I now use my computer skills to help individuals and small organisations. Web design and the power of the democracy of web presence interest me especially.

Organisations with which I am affiliated: